Zelda: Chess Collector’s Set (Limited Edition)

  • $73.97
  • Save $76.02

The Legend of Zelda Chess set features prominent hero and villain characters from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time video game and pits them against each other in a battle of wits and good vs. evil! Product features premium styled window packaging with magnetic front closure, classic black and green game board with spot UV finish


Chess set comes with 32 highly detailed, custom sculpted vinyl pieces with a metallic finish. On the heroes side, you’ll get Link as King, Zelda as Queen, Impa as the Bishops, Epona as the Knights, Darunia as the Rooks, and Navi as the Pawns! Villains include Ganon as King, Twinrova as Queen, Iron Knuckle as Bishops, Phantom as Knights, Armos as Rooks, and Dekunuts as Pawns.

Game board measures 16.5 inches long x 10.5-inches wide, with pieces ranging from 1.5-inches to 2.5 inches tall.

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