Fingerlings Interactive Baby Finger Monkeys

  • $30.28
  • Save $30.28

There are six most famous Fingerling models including Zoe, Finn, Boris, Bella, Mia, and Sophie. Every single has its name and personality. All the toys make the exact range of movements, interactions, and sounds. Not to mention, it is available in 6 unique colors.

They are created to react to all types of sounds and movements. And they will interact with one another, so get them all then name them anything you want. As we found it, Fingerling receives the overall harmony when it comes to simplicity and interaction. And the cost is just correct.

Fingerlings can babble in pet gibberish, say hello, and snore. Clap two times to get the toy to sing out a happy music. When you got more than a single, you shall make those sing together!

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