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Save Your Back !!!

Are you tired of carrying your baby, especially while traveling? Do you get frequent back aches after doing so? Then this unique Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is perfect for you!


  • This Baby Hip-Waist Carrier reduces the stress on your back whenever you carry the baby at home, at work or while you travel.
  • With this carrier, baby can now ride facing in or be facing out.
  • This carrier is furnished with a mesh pocket, where you can also place your most important items.
  • The belt has an adjustable strap that can fit most sizes and can provide utmost comfort and support.


  • The Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is guaranteed safe because it is made up of non-toxic material. It does not have any unpleasant odors.
  • It is made up of 100% polyester material, medical food-grade silicon surface and EPP shock-absorbent cushion that can support baby well.


  • This Baby Hip-Waist Carrier contains 1 side zipper pocket where you can put your regular things like cell phones.
  • You can use it with 3 distinctive carrying positions: Horizontal Position, Inward Facing, and Forward-Facing.
  • This fully encloses your baby in order to keep him safe always.
  • It comes with an adequately-shaped stool and thick belt so that it can provide the utmost comfort for parents and little ones.
  • The stool surface has a special shape that lets you keep an eye on it easily.
  • You do not ride on it so it’s also comfortable to the legs.
  • The adjustable strap can fit sizes up to 40 inches.


  • This is an amazing answer for diminished stress in your back when you carry your infant at your home, outdoors, or while you travel.
  • This is intended for young moms and dads who need to carry their youngster easily.


  • This Baby Hip-Waist Carrier is made of breathable cotton fabric material which is anti-slipping to guarantee your infant's security

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