Hottest Manual Portable Umbrella Car Roof Cover

  • $239.99
  • Save $40.00

Protect Your Car & Yourself !!!


  • Product Type: Car roof cover
  • Power: 10W
  • Working Current: 1A
  • Expanded size: 4*2.1 m
  • Folded size: 870*260*180 mm
  • Color: Cyan/Silver


  1. The distance between the car umbrella and the roof is the air flow layer, and even if the surface temperature of the car's umbrella rises, the heat will not be transmitted to the car.
  2. Small size after folded, easy to carry
  3. The top cover covers a large area, which can protect cars from leaves, bird droppings dust, acid rain and so on.


  1. Don’t drive your car when using car umbrella
  2. When opening the car umbrella, please hook up the anti-wind hook.
  3. Don't use a car umbrella during stormy weather
  4. If there is a fault, press the reset switch to check if it can fold, if not, connect to the charging source and check whether the battery is dead. If it still can't, remove the lock pin and manually fold it.
  5. The roof is not flat, the roof is soft, not suitable for use.


  • 1 * Car umbrella roof cover
  • 1 * Remote control

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